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3rd December 2020 – 21 days til Christmas

Dear Readers,

today’s post will be about another film: Every Day. Since I wrote about the book of the same name two days ago, I thought it would be a nice idea to present you the film produced on its basis. As you may have noticed, my life is pretty stressful right now (thanks a lot to my beloved cowriter for yesterday’s post), but it will get better soon I hope. But for now, I’ll try a shorter format of presentation, hoping you’ll still enjoy it. 😉


Director: Michael Sucsy
Writers: Jesse Andrews (screenplay by), David Levithan (based on the novel by)
Stars: Angourie Rice, Justice Smith, Debby Ryan

Story: As it’s based on the book, it’s nearly the same (see my post called “1st December 2020 – 23 days til Christmas”). The only two big parts of the story that have been left out or changed in the movie, are Nathan’s part and the rule about staying only one day (I don’t wanna spoiler that part). Nathan still exists in the movie and he also thinks he was possessed, but it’s different to the book, he doesn’t hunt A and also doesn’t get further in contact with him.

My opinion: Despite the fact that I like the novel so much, I didn’t watch the film for years after it came out, because I feared it could destroy the good feeling I always get by reading the book. It wasn’t a justifiable fear. Of course there are differences between my imagination and the way the film worked out in the end, to be honest, in this case they have been very strong. But these differences, like the appearance of Rhiannon and Justin, the day at the beach or the way they spend their last day, helped me to look at the film as a separate work. That’s what it is, there were more and different people, who created it, so it has to be different, does it not? I’m very happy about the depth it remained while becoming a famous film. It’s still a lovely romance with a lot of different perspectives and problems that make it real and important. All in all it’s a pretty good film, but it is how it is nearly all the time: the book is waaay better.

Hope you’re having a good day,

Advent Calendar

1st December 2020 – 23 days til Christmas

Dear Readers,

I love the time around Christmas, especially if it’s really cold and snows a lot but this year I guess everything will be different. It was a tough year, many poeple lost loved ones and the celebration of love is going to be celebrated in distance and lonlier than usual. We needed to adapt to more digital ways to see each other, to work, to live. I started this blog when we had the first lookdown in Germany, now we already experience the second one and I think life will be much different for most people after 2020. Because this is the first christmas for my blog and I want to try to enjoy the pre-christmas-time anyway, I planned something special: I’ll post something every day from now on til Christmas-eve, just like an online advent calendar. I hope to bring a bit of pleasure into the life of every reader. Even if you do not celebrate christmas, it is still the darkest season (at least at the north side of the earth) of the year and I think everyone can use some good books, films, fairytales and food. I hope for it to be an enrichment for your December.
Because these are special editions of my blog entries and outstanding, I won’t numerate those following posts as I do usually. I’ll start with Blog Entry No. 15 after Christmas again.

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Sooo for today I’ll present you a short review about one of my favourite books: Every Day by David Levithan. It’s a romance about A. A is someone, who wakes up in a different body every day, always the same age like him, never in the same body twice. He/She (that’s not really clear because A woke up as girl as often as he woke up as a boy and the book is written from his perspective, but in my imagination A is to be called he) always tried to make no problems in one of the many lives he lived, he always lived the day as the person whose body he woke up in, in the morning and was not able to live an own life. But one day he meets Rhiannon and falls in love. He never told anyone about the kind of life he lives, but he tries to explain it to her. Will she understand it? Or will she think it’s a creepy joke? Even if she’d understand, would they ever have a future? And as if life wouldn’t be complicated enough, Nathan, a boy A spent the day in, thinks he was possessed and hunts A like some sort of demon.

That’s the German cover of “Every Day” (Fischer Verlag FJB) because I read it at young age and got it as present.

As I already said it’s one of my favourite books. It’s more than a simple romance, it’s a work of empathy and different perspectives, about understanding. It’s a philosophical way of thinking about people who might exist, noticing more than a normal human ever could, without us knowing about their existance. It’s a teen-novel with a deep insight of so many problems people have to deal with even at a young age. It’s a book with a sad, but absolutely fitting ending that could lead to a sequel but doesn’t have to (though I would be very happy about one). Every Day is a great book from the very first line to the very last one and I’m more than happy to have found it in the library so many years ago. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Hope you’re having a good time,