The poems you find on this side are all written by me, by Alyrene.

don’t cry
you tell me 
don’t be that shy
you tell me
be yourself 
you tell me
I love you how you are
you tell me
I know 
and I feel the same


It’s that rare beauty
You fall for 
No one’s able to catch
The lights, colours, moments
And you know 
you’ll never 
See it again
You’ll never 
Feel the same 
Our life is a memory
Nothing more 
Nothing less
It’s already over,
But it dies slowly
The bittersweet pain 
To enjoy

So let’s go living 
Let’s go dying


you were there
by my side
without pride
but to be fair

that’s why I don’t
deserve you
and that’s why I won’t
suppose you

to hold me
though you’ve the key
to every little part
my body, my soul, my heart


and I cannot sleep
I stare at my phone
feeling alone
but, wait, actually
I don’t even feel enough to weep
I just can’t sleep

and I’m lying here
in my heart that fear
of drowning
it’s better not to feel a thing
than to break down, crying
because of nothing
but still knowing
he dreams about a life
not missing me
at all


we count the goodbyes
we count
we count
and nothing changes
but everything
a little bit
with each goodbye


and now I gave you
all of me
even the aspects I
never wanted to 
show anybody, even not
myself anymore 
but you saw them 
you read them
and still 
you’re not scared 
you’re still here
you carry it
you carry me
even better than I could


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